Kirsty Elizabeths spirital and holistic friends – Daisy Purcell

Meet: Daisy Purcell – Holistic Therapist, Energy Healer, Reiki/Crystal Master & Teacher

Daisy qualified as a holistic therapist in 1999, and has been gaining knowledge and further skills ever since. Daisy is a Crystal Therapist and Reiki Master. On first meeting Daisy I feel a sparkling spiritual presence and a strong sense of faith in her abilities as a healer. Daisy is the only Daoyin Tao practitioner on the Isle of Wight. `Daoyin Tao is my true passion as a healer` says Daisy. ` It is an amazing energy treatment. My clients report back to me how they feel really helped by my sessions`.

Currently the only Daoyin Tao Practitioner on the Island

Daisy Purcell

I have chosen a short Reiki healing session. `I love giving Reiki` Daisy tells me, and she certainly seems in her element. I find the experience peaceful and relaxing. I am aware of the feeling of heat and vibrating energy that moves across me through Daisy`s work. Daisy is gentle by nature and quietly spoken, but her healing power has great strength. Another client of Daisy`s told me, ` I could feel a heat coming from Daisy`s hands as she moved`. Reiki healing does not involve contact on skin, although the healer`s hands move across the clients body at a close distance, coming into contact with the aura.

“All of my treatments complement each other“ reports Daisy, “I now provide a range of holistic and intuitive energy treatments, working not only on the physical level, but on the whole person; to create healing and health for the mind, body and soul.“ Daisy is gentle in nature but provides a powerful force through her healing. She seems committed to helping others through combining her holistic training and her obvious spiritual gift.

It is not surprising that Daisy has an affinity with nature and flowers.` The daisy flower stands for simplicity and peace – daisies deliver peace to your life so you can focus on what is important. This is the aim of DAISY-KAY HOLISTIC THERAPIES, to bring balance, peace and clarity into your life`

Daisy has recently taken on partnership of another flower in bloom, The Lotus Tree Yoga and Well Being Centre, in Newport, proving her commitment to the spiritual and holistic world. Along with her business partner Susan Pike, Daisy shares a commitment to the creation of a haven in the heart of the town of Newport. `Our studio and therapy room are a calming environment; a space where your well-being can be enhanced.`

As I leave Daisy tells me that she has only recently moved to the Isle of Wight. It is clear to see that she has already made her mark.

Author   Written by Kirsty Elizabeth