Mind and Body Balance

New class at the Lotus Tree Yoga and Wellbeing Centre with Dana Molecki

Mind and Body Balance – Create a stronger, fitter, body and mind

Includes gentle ancient Chinese energy exercises (Chi Kung) and guided relaxation/meditation

• Increase physical energy
• Release tension and stress
• Improve health and well being
• Enjoy total relaxation

Meditation and relaxation

Meditation. Image courtesy of Nuttakit / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

This class is perfect for all levels of fitness and age groups; it will also complement and enhance other practices. The class is designed specifically to teach the participant to create a harmonious balance of mind, body and soul and could be beneficial to assist with weight loss and stress, it also aids recovery from illness and injuries and can benefit those with disabilities and chronic fatigue.

A 4 week course starting on Thursday 24th April 7pm – 8pm £5 per class

Dana Molecki has more than 20 years experience as a health and fitness teacher and is also a Reiki Master and Holistic Therapist plus she is an accredited coach to the Sue Stone Foundation in Self Development for Success and Happiness. Dana runs workshops both here and on the mainland and is also a successful motivational speaker.
Energy work has come high on Dana’s list of passions. ‘To get the energy ‘Chi’ balanced and flowing naturally throughout the body, via meridians, is key to essential good health and wellbeing’ she tells us. ‘Although exercise classes are important for the body and mind if the Chi is out of balance then the body and mind won’t function correctly; well balanced Chakras also rely on a good flow of energy into the body and require a smooth and clear passage from the etheric to the physical body to maintain good fitness levels and to help prevent illness’.

By combining her experience in healing, exercise and holistic practices Dana has created a unique self help class for balance of mind, body and soul.

Author   Dana MoleckiPersonal Development Leader, Reiki Master/Teacher, Facial Rejuvenation Therapist www.dana-molecki.com