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Kirsty Elizabeths spirital and holistic friends – Daisy Purcell

Meet: Daisy Purcell – Holistic Therapist, Energy Healer, Reiki/Crystal Master & Teacher

Daisy qualified as a holistic therapist in 1999, and has been gaining knowledge and further skills ever since. Daisy is a Crystal Therapist and Reiki Master. On first meeting Daisy I feel a sparkling spiritual presence and a strong sense of faith in her abilities as a healer. Daisy is the only Daoyin Tao practitioner on the Isle of Wight. `Daoyin Tao is my true passion as a healer` says Daisy. ` It is an amazing energy treatment. My clients report back to me how they feel really helped by my sessions`.

Currently the only Daoyin Tao Practitioner on the Island

Daisy Purcell

I have chosen a short Reiki healing session. `I love giving Reiki` Daisy tells me, and she certainly seems in her element. I find the experience peaceful and relaxing. I am aware of the feeling of heat and vibrating energy that moves across me through Daisy`s work. Daisy is gentle by nature and quietly spoken, but her healing power has great strength. Another client of Daisy`s told me, ` I could feel a heat coming from Daisy`s hands as she moved`. Reiki healing does not involve contact on skin, although the healer`s hands move across the clients body at a close distance, coming into contact with the aura.

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Daoyin Tao

Daoyin Tao, pronounced DOW YIN TOW as in Town, has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a totally holistic therapy. Acupressure work of the East and Western massage techniques are combined to produce an amazing synergy which re-balances the energy of the body and allows it to begin the process of healing itself from within.

Daoyin Tao

Image courtesy of Marin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Daoyin Tao meets the individual at their point of need and is focused on assisting you towards better health and well-being. It could be called an energy massage but equally positive changes in physical conditions and symptoms can occur.

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