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How to cope with life’s ups and downs

How to cope with life’s ups and downs –
The Yogic View Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative…

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In today’s modern world, our minds are continually bombarded with experiences, both positive and negative. Negative TV programmes, the Internet, media, computer games, etc, they all influence and affect how we view our world; in our thoughts, emotions and behaviour. Each additional negative builds on negative impressions (samskaras) that are already in our minds. The company we keep also has an effect on us, for example, we may stay in a relationship that regularly hurts us, mentally or physically. All of this leads to negative attitudes, increased anxiety levels and depression and generally makes us feel as if we are being dragged down.

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A little capsule of yoga every day – just what the doctor ordered!

Are you are thinking of doing yoga at home? First of I would advise everyone to find a good class, and then you will learn the practises correctly. The most important thing about doing yoga is that you must work with awareness and listen to your body the whole time so you don’t strain anything.

Yoga is a great antidote to modern living; there are so many benefits, it’s impossible to mention them all here. Yoga relieves stress and tension, helps concentration, strengthens, refreshes and relaxes the whole body, in fact helps the whole body to work properly, all the internal organs get massaged, more oxygen gets into the bloodstream, you feel better, fitter, healthier and happier and what’s more you learn to breathe properly. What could be better?

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Not many people breathe into the whole of their lungs, when you feel stressed and tense you only breathe into the top part of the lungs, but when you’re relaxed and learn the breathing exercises (pranayama), you begin to use your lungs properly. Stale air gets expelled, more air is taken in, helping the exchange of gasses, this is gives you more energy, helps focus the mind and is especially good for people with asthma or breathing problems.

We all lead very busy lives and its difficult to fit everything in, we’re especially bad when it comes to looking after ourselves. I say all the more reason to do a regular home yoga practise, because if you don’t look after yourself, how can you look after anyone else? By doing some yoga every day, you will find you actually seem to have more time, yes, really, and you will really reap the benefits, I promise. But, how can we fit daily yoga into our busy lifestyle?

My lovely, dearest yogini friend Maitri sent me this Yogic Capsule; it’s a home practise with a difference. When you start off though, you do need to be very disciplined, but once the practise becomes part of your daily routine, you will never go back to your old sluggish ways and the rewards are well worth the effort. They do say that it takes 4 weeks to learn something, 4 weeks to practise and 4 weeks before it becomes a natural behaviour, so allow yourself 12 weeks and you’re away.

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This is the routine – when you get up in the morning you do a few minutes chanting. This can be an absolutely uplifting experience once you get used to making funny noises; it’s a bit like singing, but it doesn’t matter if you’re not very good at it. Then before breakfast you do some postures, Surya Namaskara, the sun salutation is absolutely brilliant, it tones and stretches the entire system. Then later in the day do some pranayama, you can do this anywhere, and it only takes a few minutes. Later on in the afternoon, you have a ‘power nap’ by mentally relaxing each part of the body, brilliant for reviving you during the mid afternoon slump, then before bed do some mediation and review your day. You will get a deep restful sleep and feel wonderful in the morning. Yay, result. Oh and did I remember to say how much fitter and healthier you will feel? But remember it’s very important to attend a weekly class too to keep you on track.

Click here for the Yogic Capsule www.satyanandayoga.gr/en/programs/yoga-at-home.html

Author   Written by Sandy Hector BSc(Hons) Psychology, Registered Hypnotherapist