The Power of thought

“If you realised how powerful your thoughts were, you would never think another negative thought”.
Have you ever given any consideration to the power of your thoughts, do you realise that they are literally life changing? Every day we have approximately 60,000 thoughts! A huge percentage (around 88%) take place in the conscious mind, thoughts which often we churn over and over again, the same old stuff going round and round – because the conscious mind is the mind that chooses our thoughts, our reasoning mind, that interprets – decides what we want to eat for breakfast, for example.

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Once the thought has been processed it slides into the filing cabinet of your mind. So all those ‘new’ thoughts now become sub conscious thoughts. Every morning when we wake up, for the majority of us, we know exactly who we are, there is no need to ask yourself who you are we just know it. When you breathe you don’t remind yourself with a little prompt saying “breathe, breathe” it just happens automatically. So, we think something, for instance when we learn to drive a car, we practice using the clutch, the gears, the accelerator etc…. once we have learned to drive however, it becomes an automatic action! You don’t think about how to change gear, it just happens automatically. How exciting is that? Did you realise that whilst learning a new skill you just re-trained your mind. We can learn any new form of behaviour! What we think we manifest as our reality!

So you reap what you sow, just like a farmer – sow a field of wheat and you will yield a field of wheat! Sow rotten seeds and you’ll yield a rotten harvest! Yuk. So like the farmer if you sow negative thoughts then you’ll reap negative consequences. If you sow positive thoughts, guess what, you’ll reap positive consequences and results in your life! Now, which would you prefer? It stands to reason which we would all prefer. To get that result however, it is necessary to work on it and practice it, just like learning to drive or any other new skill you undertake.
If you want to reap positive experiences and enjoy an abundant life, a new skill needs to be learnt, the art of thinking positively. This will take time and practice and won’t happen over night, that is the reality – there is no point in knowing what to do, you need to practice what you know and perfect it!

You can make a start immediately! Yes you can! When that negative thought creeps in and says “oh yeah, really, how can I change my thoughts just like that” (negative reaction) just say “sorry, forgive me” and start to count your blessings, that’s right be grateful, think ‘gratitude’, after all you have much to be thankful for! You woke up this morning, that’s a good start don’t you think? Then go for it and start a list of all the things to be grateful for ……. warm bed at night, a cup of tea/coffee to start the day …… a hot shower/bath. Do I need to go on? Come on you can always be grateful for something, stop seeing the negative, kick out the pessimist, open your eyes to the positive and become an optimist.

Now you’ve started, get a good affirmation and keep repeating it over and over until it becomes a subconscious thought that will become your reality and change your life, literally.
Suggested affirmation (or make up your own) every day in every way my life gets just gets better and better

SUMMARY: to make changes in your life you need to make changes in your thoughts! You need to practice constantly for it to become automatic (think skills like driving a car). Remember what you put out there you get back, sow seeds of the positive variety and reap a harvest of a positive living! Be grateful and affirm many times a day just how lucky you are to be alive.

Remember, you are a powerful force with the power to manifest, so choose your thoughts wisely.

Good luck, love and light x

Author   Dana Molecki Personal Development Leader, Reiki Master/Teacher, Facial Rejuvenation Therapist